$150 covering the first treatment, $25 the following 2-3

Many cockroach issues cannot be taken care of in the first spray and may need multiple retreats within 2-3 weeks 

 General Pest 

Starting prices are $135 with $40 monthly and $60 bimonthly.

the $135 is based on a 1500 sq ft home. prices may vary on the square footage and location 

please call for any questions or inquiries 

One Time 

All prices may vary in one time services given strictly based on the target pest. 

Bed Bug 

All bed bug service must be inspected first. Services will start at $550 for one bedroom or room. The following rooms to be serviced will be an additional $100. 

Preparation sheet will be provided for treatment

All Bed bug services, home owners or tenants and family members will have to vacate the area for minimum of 4 hours after completed. 

All services done will be a spray treatment 

Wasp and Bees

All Wasp and Bee issues will need inspection to know what species that will be serviced. Under 10ft will have a base cost of $150, second story and specific types of wasp or bee will have additional charges 

*we are not bee keepers, all bees will be eliminated not removed alive. 

Rodent or Large Animals

Mice or Rat will be trapped and removed, base starting at $150 with followups every week for 3 weeks. 

Larger Animals: please call with info 

Speciality  Services  

Services will br priced based on type of pest how the job will be serviced

Call for question in which pest you are experiencing 


All prices may vary based on square footage of buildings and also the problem that is being serviced for. 

All General Pest Services will receive a free dewebbing included.